The King Reads King Project

Since I share a name with famous horror author Stephen King (although spelled differently), I have received my share of jokes about my name. For many years I avoided out of annoyance. However, Stephen King is a cultural force, or was at one time. He had a gigantic impact on the horror novel and on the fiction publishing industry. And he’s a fan of weird fiction, so I need to give him a chance.

In fairness, however, Stephen King has some brilliance to him, and that brilliance doesn’t rest in the horror (which is fairly hit or miss); his strength is in writing characters, common people put into horrific situations. It was actually Lost that got me interested in Stephen King because that show followed a typical King formula: take strongly realized characters and put them into an otherworldly situation and see what they do. As a writer, I can’t argue with that formula. It is compelling even when it fails to resolve.

I haven’t completed the King Reads King project. In fact, I’ve barely scratched the surface. But I am determined to finish, even if it takes years. Here is what has come so far. (Note: Some of these posts link to the original blog where I started the project. In order to streamline my life, I will be continuing the project on this site).

  1. Premise
  2. Carrie
    1. Introduction
    2. Style and Technique
    3. Book Review
    4. Carrie (1976) Film Review
  3. Salem’s Lot
    1. Introduction
    2. First Thoughts
    3. The Disillusion of Father Callahan
    4. The Vampire
    5. Book Review
    6. 1979 Miniseries Review
    7. 2004 Miniseries Review
  4. The Shining
    1. First Thoughts
    2. Jack Torrance and Me
    3. Book Review
    4. Film Adaptations
  5. Rage
    1. Richard Bachman and Rage Introduction
    2. Chasing Inspiration
    3. Book Review
  6. Night Shift
    1. Introduction
    2. “Jerusalem’s Lot”
    3. “Graveyard Shift”
    4. “Night Surf”
    5. Short Story Round-Up 1 – “I Am the Doorway,” “The Mangler,” and “The Boogeyman”
    6. Short Story Round-Up 2 – “Gray Matter,” “Battleground,” and “Trucks”
    7. Short story Round-Up 3 – “Sometimes They Come Back,” “Strawberry Spring,” and “The Ledge”
    8. Short Story Round-Up 4 – “The Lawnmower Man,” “Quitters, Inc.,” “I Know What You Need,” and “Children of the Corn”
    9. Short Story Round-Up 5 – “The Last Rung on the Ladder,” “The Man Who Loved Flowers,” “One for the Road,” and “The Woman in the Room”
  7. The Stand
    1. Opening Thoughts
    2. Book Review
  8. The Long Walk
    1. Introduction
    2. The Long Walk as allegory
    3. Book Review
  9. Dreamcatcher
    1. Film Review


This is a list of work connected to or outright written by Stephen King but isn’t included in the main project for one reason or another.

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