8th Doctor

8th doc

Paul McGann won me over when I saw the TV Movie. Unfortunately, that was all the won me over. It was a few years before I discovered Big Finish and the Eighth Doctor novels, but I was glad when I finally did. While the novels have been hit or miss (the ones I’ve read at least), I love that the Eighth Doctor has been given new life and his own era on audio. It was yet another glimpse of what Doctor Who could have become had it continued on television. When the show returned in 2005 with the Ninth Doctor, Big Finish continued to use the Eighth Doctor, but they were able to successfully merge the types of stories they told with McGann with the new approach modeled by the BBC Wales Doctor Who. In all, the Eighth Doctor audio stories represent the best of classic and new Doctor Who. I love them for it, and the Eighth Doctor has become my go-to, feel good Doctor.

From this page you can access my reviews of the televised stories, the audio stories, and the novels.


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