4th Doctor Episodes

Twelfth Season

The newly regenerated Doctor can’t get away from Earth fast enough. Accompanying him are Sarah Jane Smith, his companion from the previous year, and Harry Sullivan, a Naval doctor on loan to UNIT. The Doctor breaks in his new body with adventures that bring him up against old foes: Daleks, Sontarans, and Cybermen, as well as new foes such as a giant robot and the Wirrn.

Thirteenth Season

Answering the Brigadier’s call for assistance, the Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry investigate oil rig destructions off the coast of Scotland. Later, the Doctor and Sarah Jane continue traveling on their own, encountering anti-matter creatures, ancient aliens and mummies, a staging ground for an invasion of Earth, a renegade Time Lord and his mad-scientist assistant, and a deadly seedpod that could lead to the destruction of all life on Earth.

Fourteenth Season

Sarah Jane travels with the Doctor until he is called back to Gallifrey on Time Lord business. The Doctor must stop a plot that threatens to destroy the Time Lords. He later meets Leela, a descendant of a planetary expedition that went native. Encouraged by her intellectual curiosity, he allows her to join him on his travels.

Fifteenth Season

In their continuing adventures, The Doctor and Leela confront horrors both alien and bureaucratic, culminating in the Doctor’s attempt to become President of the Time Lords.

Sixteenth Season

The Doctor isn’t alone long before the White Guardian summons him to find the Key to Time, a device whose parts have been scattered throughout the cosmos. Whoever controls the Key to Time can remake the universe according to his or her desire. Joining him is the Time Lady Romana, who must help him find the Key while stopping the forces of the Black Guardian who zealously seeks the pieces as well.

Seventeenth Season

The newly regenerated Romana travels with the Doctor to avoid returning to the Time Lords. She has become taken with the wider universe. During their travels they encounter a Dalek cold war with the Movellans, mysterious time experiments on Earth, a creature in a pit, drug runners in space, and an ancient myth playing out in the future.

Eighteenth Season

In his final year, the Doctor and Romana continue to avoid the Time Lords and the Black Guardian. They accidentally fall into E-Space, an alternate dimension, and encounter Adric, a youth with boundless curiosity. Romana leaves to help free an enslaved, time-sensitive people, while the Doctor and Adric must investigate a mysterious creature on the peace-loving Traken, a creature that has the power to destroy Trakenite society and possibly the galaxy with it.


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