4th Doctor Audio

The AudioGo Adventures

The AudioGo Adventures is the label I am using to classify audio adventures not produced by Big Finish. The Fourth Doctor had three miniseries of adventures that starred Tom Baker as the Doctor and Richard Franklin as Mike Yates. These adventures portrayed a Fourth Doctor after he had pseudo-retired, presumably near the end of his life. How these stories fit in to the main series of televised stories or Big Finish stories is unclear.

  • Hornets’ Next
  • Demon Quest
  • Serpent Crest
  • Babblesphere (Destiny of the Doctor)

The Companion Chronicles

The Companion Chronicles are audio stories produced by Big Finish, the best audio company in the world. Stories typically involve 2 – 3 actors and are part audiobook part audio drama. All stories are from the companion’s point of view. The Fourth Doctor Companion Chronicles are narrated by Louise Jameson (as Leela), Mary Tamm (as Romana I), Lalla Ward (as Romana II), Richard Franklin (as Mike Yates), David Troughton (as King Peladon) and John Levene (as Sergeant Benton). Stories below are listed in order of release.

  • The Beautiful People
  • The Catalyst
  • The Empathy Games
  • The Stealers from Saiph
  • The Pyralis Effect
  • The Time Vampire
  • The Invasion of E-Space
  • Ferril’s Folly
  • The Child
  • Luna Romana

The Fourth Doctor Adventures

After years of pursuing him, Big Finish finally brought Tom Baker back for all-new audio dramas with the Fourth Doctor. Originally intended to alternate between companions Leela, Sarah Jane, and Romana I, the deaths of Elizabeth Sladen and Mary Tamm caused a more limited scope to these stories. Although, Lalla Ward is set to reprise her role as Romana II in future stories.

Series One

  • Destination: Nerva
  • The Renaissance Man
  • The Wrath of the Iceni
  • Energy of the Daleks
  • Trail of the White Worm
  • The Oseidon Adventure

Series Two

  • The Auntie Matter
  • The Sands of Life
  • War Against the Laan
  • The Justice of Jalxar
  • Phantoms of the Deep
  • The Dalek Contract
  • The Final Phase

Series Three

  • The King of Sontar
  • White Ghosts
  • The Crooked Man
  • The Evil One
  • Last of the Colophon
  • Destroy the Infinite
  • The Abandoned
  • The Zygon Hunt

The Fourth Doctor by Gareth Roberts

After the success of the Seventh Doctor story Love and War based on the New Adventures novel of the same name, Big Finish has adapted two more stories from the Virgin years, both by Gareth Roberts.

  • The Romance of Crime
  • The English Way of Death

The Lost Stories

The Lost Stories is a range of audio stories from Big Finish. For the Fourth Doctor, Big Finish produced a box set containing two stories. Tom Baker reprised his role as the Fourth Doctor and Louise Jameson reprised her role as Leela.

  • The Foe from the Future
  • The Valley of Death

Philip Hinchcliffe Presents

Impressed by the quality of Big Finish’s Fourth Doctor stories, classic series producer Philip Hinchcliffe developed two ideas he had for Doctor Who to be recorded by Big Finish as Philip Hinchcliffe Presents. These stories include Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and Louise Jameson as Leela.

  • The Ghosts of Gralstead
  • The Devil’s Armada

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