2nd Doctor Episodes

Fourth Season

The Doctor has changed, but is he the same person? That is what Ben and Polly must find out as they go up against the Daleks in a colony on the planet Vulcan. Later, the Doctor, Ben, and Polly meet Jamie McKrimmon, who becomes a new friend and ally as they travel to Atlantis, the moon, another Earth colony, and back to 1960s England. Finally, Jamie and the Doctor round out their first year together by facing the Daleks once more, meeting young Victoria Waterfield along the way.

Fifth Season

Now an orphan, Victoria joins the Doctor and Jamie in the TARDIS. They face one base-under-siege after another, engaging in espionage antics along the way. However, Victoria wants something more from life and eventually leaves to be replaced by the young genius Zoe.

Sixth Season

The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe make a perfect team to challenge the Dominators, the Master of the Land of Fiction, the Cybermen and Tobias Vaughn, the Krotons, the Ice Warriors, space pirates, and finally a mysterious war-torn planet that is the testing field for a sinister, blood-thirsty society allied with a figure who proves to be more than a match for the Doctor: another Time Lord.



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