2nd Doctor Audio

The Companion Chronicles

The Companion Chronicles are audio stories produced by Big Finish, the best audio company in the world. Stories typically involve 2 – 3 actors and are part audiobook part audio drama. All stories are from the companion’s point of view. The Second Doctor Companion Chronicles are narrated by Wendy Padbury (as Zoe Heriot), Frazer Hines (as Jamie McCrimmon), Deborah Watling (as Victoria Waterfield), and Anneke Wills (as Polly). Stories below are listed in order of release.

  • Fear of the Daleks
  • Helicon Prime
  • The Great Space Elevator
  • Resistance
  • The Glorious Revolution
  • The Emperor of Eternity
  • Echoes of Grey
  • The Forbidden Time
  • The Memory Cheats
  • The Selachian Gambit
  • The Jigsaw War
  • The Uncertainty Principle
  • House of Cards
  • The Apocalypse Mirror
  • The Dying Light
  • Second Chances

The Lost Stories

The Lost Stories is a range of audio stories from Big Finish. All the stories in this range are from scripts that had been planned for the Second Doctor but for one reason or another fell through. Frazer Hines reprised his role as Jamie McKrimmon and Wendy Padbury reprised her role as Zoe Heriot.

  • Prison in Space
  • The Rosemariners
  • The Queen of Time
  • Lords of the Red Planet




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