Televised Stories

First Season

Teachers Ian and Barbara follow their mysterious student Susan Foreman home late one evening. They discover she lives in a scrap yard with her grandfather, a mysterious man who is called the Doctor. Fearing for his and Susan’s safety, the Doctor kidnaps the teachers in his TARDIS, a space-and-time-travelling ship that is disguised as a police public call box.

Ian, Barbara, the Doctor, and Susan must learn to work together to overcome the dangers they encounter in prehistoric Earth to a post-apocalyptic alien planet to France during the Reign of Terror, and many points in-between.

Second Season

The Doctor, Susan, Ian, and Barbara continue their travels. However, after a harrowing adventure against the Daleks who have invaded Earth in the future, Susan leaves to pursue her own life. Soon after, the time travelers rescue the teenage girl Vicki, a survivor of a crashed colonizing vessel. They later rescue Steven, a pilot who crashed on the planet Mechanus. Ian and Barbara finally return the 1960s London, leaving the Doctor to continue his travels with Vicki and Steven.

Third Season

From a dying planet to the Trojan War, the Doctor, Vicki, and Steven do their best to help those they encounter. Vicki falls in love, Katarina briefly replaces her on the TARDIS, Sarah Kingdom works to foil a Dalek plot, Dodo accompanies the Doctor and Steven to the future and the past, and the season ends with the Doctor taking on new companions: swingin’ 60s youths Ben and Polly.

Fourth Season

Ben and Polly hardly have time to get to know the Doctor before they encounter the Cybermen, the most dangerous foes the Doctor has met since the Daleks. The fight against the Cybermen change the Doctor’s live, and Doctor Who enters a bold, new era.


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