1st Doctor Audio

The Companion Chronicles

The Companion Chronicles are audio stories produced by Big Finish, the best audio company in the world. Stories typically involve 2 – 3 actors and are part audiobook part audio drama. All stories are from the companion’s point of view. The First Doctor Companion Chronicles are narrated by Peter Purves (as Steven Taylor), Carole Ann Ford (as Susan Foreman), Jean Marsh (as Sarah Kindgom), and William Russell (as Ian Chesterton). Stories below are listed in order of release.

  • Frostfire
  • Mother Russia
  • Here There Be Monsters
  • Home Truths
  • The Transit of Venus
  • The Drowned World
  • The Suffering
  • The Guardian of the Solar System
  • Quinnis
  • The Perpetual Bond
  • The Cold Equations
  • The Rocket Men
  • The First Wave
  • The Anachronauts
  • The Wanderer
  • The Time Museum
  • Return of the Rocket Men
  • The Flames of Cadiz
  • The Library of Alexandria
  • The Alchemists
  • Upstairs
  • The Beginning
  • The Sleeping City
  • Starborn

The Lost Stories

The Lost Stories is a range of audio stories from Big Finish. All the stories in this range are from scripts that had been planned for the First Doctor but for one reason or another fell through. William Russell reprised his role as Ian Chesterton and Carole Ann Ford reprised her role as Susan Foreman.

The Early Adventures

Following the success of The Lost Stories, Big Finish has begun producing full-cast audio dramas set during the First Doctor’s era.

  • Domain of the Voord
  • The Doctor’s Tale
  • The Bounty of Ceres
  • An Ordinary Life



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