New Year Forecast

I’ve been extremely busy for, what my blog archives indicate, are seven months or so. Indeed. I took an internship that led to full-time employment in technical writing. Balancing the remaining classes with this new work schedule forced me to narrow my focus. And while I can’t guarantee I will be posting frequently in the next few months (due to my final semester of college), I hope to get a post up from time to time. I have some ideas for evaluating classic Doctor Who episodes (and new Who, as I come to them) that will enable me to apply some things I learned this past semester.

And I doubt that every episode of Doctor Who will fit what I want to do, so I’ll be picking and choosing. We’ll see how it goes.

A few minor thoughts that have occurred over the last few months:

  • I love Peter Capaldi’s take on the Doctor, and thought that series eight was a breath of fresh air. Steven Moffat impressed me with the change in tone and style. I didn’t expect him to pull it off. Series eight may be my favorite series of the revived show.
  • For the critics who say Missy is yet another appearance of Moffat’s sassy/sexy/smarmy Amy-River-Adler-etc. trope, I disagree. Missy is Moriarty from Sherlock. (These links have spoilers.)
  • I am not happy that Doctor Who DVDs are going out of print in the U.S. I refuse to pay $100 for “Battlefield,” and “The Curse of Fenric.”

Happy 2015.

2 thoughts on “New Year Forecast

    1. I was shocked about the DVDs going out of print. I don’t know if all of them will, for example, I think many of the Fourth Doctor DVDs will probably stay in print, but I know Battlefield, Ghost Light, The Curse of Fenric, and The Invasion have gone out of print. Good luck hunting.

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