New Look for a New Phase

Since I completed the classic Doctor Who project I have been tinkering and revamping the site. While I plan on continuing my Doctor Who focus by reading through The New Adventures, listening to Big Finish productions, and working my way toward the 2005 series, I will be widening the focus a bit. I want this site to be more representative of me as a writer and a critic and not just me as a Doctor Who fan. Yes, the Doctor Who content will continue (as is implied by the current header), but I want to keep my attention fresh and sharp. I tend to burn out when I focus on one thing to the exclusion of others. It is part of the curse of having an INTP personality type.

The obvious changes are the appearance and the use of a static front page. I want the front page to direct readers to work that I am proud of rather than whatever the current blog post is, which may or may not be my best writing. No one nails it every writing session, and sometimes I need to produce content as a cleansing ritual.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating the site’s menu system and individual web pages. I am eager for thoughts, suggestions, and general feedback if you feel so compelled.

The summer looks like a great time for writing. A new adventure awaits.

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