Extremely Brief Year-in-Review Post

I’m not terribly interested in doing an extensive review of the blog for 2013. Far more interesting things happened for me personally in so-called meat space, and I reserve those self-reflection posts primarily for my birthday. But I do want to highlight the most-visited posts from the year (new to 2013), and then note the most-visited post regardless of year.

Most-Visited Posts New to 2013
  1. Is There Such a Thing As Proper Doctor Who. This post spun out of my viewing of “City of Death.” I was inspired by thematic ideas of genuine vs. fake in that story, and wondered what counts as genuine Doctor Who. There are all sorts of ideas of what constitutes proper Doctor Who, but during this year, it seems a backlash against Steven Moffat has grown, many originating from a perception of what Doctor Who is supposed to be . . . or, perhaps more accurately, what Doctor Who is supposed to represent. Since I first posted this, my ideas have evolved, especially in light of “Time of the Doctor.” I may hold on to these thoughts until I have completed the classic series.
  2. My Favorite H.P. Lovecraft Stories: A Top Ten. Visiting another fictional mythology, I completed my reading of the complete fiction of Lovecraft (not counting collaborations). This was a list of the stories that I am more likely to revisit when I need that Lovecraft fix.
  3. Terror of the Zygons. Perhaps coinciding with the long-anticipated release of the DVD and the appearance of Zygons in “Day of the Doctor.”
  4. The Talons of Weng-Chiang. Not only is this one of the stories consistently beloved by fans, it became highly criticized early in the year as accusations of racism were levelled at Doctor Who. It is interesting to me that in the 50th anniversary year a significant backlash manifested. There have always been critics of Doctor Who, but the publicity may have brought it more to the public eye.

I’m stopping with four because one of the popular posts was a link to another site, the Lipstick Socialist’s look at the politics of Malcolm Hulke. It is a good post and worth checking out.

As for the most-visited post, in past years it was the Scarlet Pimpernel as an inspiration for “The Reign of Terror.” This year the most popular post was “The Time of the Angels,” due entirely, from what I can tell, to the image of a Weeping Angel in the post. I guess if I want well over 3000 views for each post, I should change this blog to a picture-blog. That really boosts the stats.

The only thing I can look forward to in the coming year, so far as the blog is concerned, is completing my classic series viewing. I was finally able to buy a copy of “Revelation of the Daleks,” so the reviews should be resuming soon.

Peaceful yet creepy Weeping Angel
Placed here to artificially boost stats.

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