Introduction of 5 Episode Evaluations: A New Blog Series

I was super excited about having time off from class. First, school being out is always a great thing. This semester had been particularly trying for me. I started the semester with four classes, three of which were 500-level classes. It was fairly late in the semester when I realized I needed to drop one of these classes because I couldn’t keep up with the work. Better late than never, although I spent the rest of the semester trying to regain my footing and emotional energy. So I need this month off. I need to recharge and rest, to read and write.

Second, this is an ideal opportunity to knock out quite a few Doctor Who episodes. At least, I thought it would. I’ve been cracking along at a nice pace, picking up DVDs from the library or watching episodes on Hulu or through iTunes. But I ran into a problem: I cannot find a copy of Revelation of the Daleks. The local library doesn’t have it. iTunes doesn’t have it. Hulu doesn’t have it. Since I am trying to pursue this journey through legal means all that is left is to track down a copy of the DVD and purchase it. I’m happy to do this, but a Doctor Who DVD doesn’t fit into the budget at the moment. I’m a bit disappointed because I was hoping to finish Colin Baker’s era before the end of the month. We’ll get there eventually, though.

Since I don’t want to stop writing, I’m going to debut a new series on Friday. The series is called 5 Episode Evaluation (5EE). Whenever I watch a new series (or a new-to-me series) I try to give it five episodes to win me over, ideally the first five episodes in the series. Based on these five episodes, I think I can get a feel for what the series is trying to do and whether or not I want to stick with it. If a show doesn’t survive my 5EE, that doesn’t mean it is a bad show, it just means it doesn’t appeal to me. It doesn’t provide me with enough motivation to make the time to watch it. I also feel compelled to acknowledge that not all shows hit their stride in the first five episodes. I gave up on Babylon 5 nearly 20 years ago because I couldn’t get hooked in those first five episodes. Some years later, I caught repeats of season four on the Sci-Fi channel and was hooked. Sometimes shows change, for the better or for the worse. Sometimes they had the change planned all along, as was the case with Babylon 5.

5EE is just my perspective on a show. It doesn’t say anything other than what I thought while watching it and where my thoughts lead as I analyzed it. It also gives me an opportunity to cover more than just Doctor Who, which is something I hope to do more of when I finally get to the end of this long journey I have been on. I already have a number of shows lined up for 5EE, but I am open to suggestions. What shows do you want me to evaluate? Leave your recommendations in the comments.

And tomorrow will be 5EE: Almost Human. See you then.

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