Doctor Who – The Monster of Peladon

Doctor Who Story 073 – The Monster of Peladon

screen capture from The Monster of Peladon
Source: Wikipedia. Copyright 1974 by BBC.

Written By: Brian Hayles

What’s It About: Because everyone was itching to see it, The Doctor returns to Peladon, with Sarah in tow. They find a planet on the verge of revolt as miners are convinced that the ghost of Aggedor is stalking the mines and killing workers.

I didn’t care for the first Peladon story. I don’t think this one is much better, although I will give the Hayles credit for trying to be topical, and the production gets credit for recreating Peladon. It looks and feels like the same planet. But this also works against the story because it doesn’t seem to add much. We have a plotting Chancellor, we have dealings with the Federation, and we have Alpha Centauri squealing. Apart from the Ice Warriors being the villains and the mining plot, this would seem to be the same story. I just can’t really bring myself to care. Maybe I could have enjoyed this as a three part story, but anything more—especially six parts—is just too much. And I was enjoying this season so much. Peladon is certainly the low point of the season for me. I have no desire to revisit either Peladon stories if I ever watch the show all the way through again.

Sadly, writing about it only seems to prolong the irritation.

My Rating: 1/5

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