Doctor Who – The Time Warrior

Doctor Who Story 070 – The Time Warrior

The Time Warrior DVD cover
(Source: Copyright 2012 by BBC.)

Who Wrote It: Robert Holmes

What’s It About: UNIT is called in when scientists are mysteriously vanishing. The Doctor, along with stowaway reporter Sarah Jane Smith, discovers that they are being abducted by a Sontaran who has become stranded in the Middle Ages. In return for help repairing his ship, the Sontaran has made an agreement with a local lord to provide anachronistic weaponry.

I couldn’t help smiling through the entire first episode of this story. Sarah Jane Smith was the companion I had watched when I was young, and it was great to finally see her first story—and in a Robert Holmes story, no less.

After a difficult (for me) season ten, The Time Warrior ushers in a new, and final, season for The Third Doctor. There is a new title sequence, which I really like; there is a new companion, who is not anywhere near as annoying as the previous one. I’m excited to see where this season takes me.

As is typical with a Robert Holmes script, the secondary characters are a lot of fun. I was happy to see Professor Rubeish survive. Irongron was a wonderfully stereotypical, violent Middle Age lord. Linx the Sontaran was a wonderful creation. The dialogue was wonderful. And while the historical details may be inaccurate (Terrance Dicks makes a joke that, when Holmes complained about not knowing anything about the Middle Ages, he advise Holmes to read a children’s book on castle), the story is a lot of fun.

My Rating: 4/5

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