Doctor Who – The Green Death

Doctor Who Story 069 – The Green Death

The Green Death cover art
(Source: Neftlix. Copyright 2005 by BBC.)

Who Wrote It: Robert Sloman

What’s It About: UNIT becomes involved when a mining operation is hindered by mysterious deaths accompanied by glowing, green wounds.

Robert Sloman’s previous Doctor Who stories were The Daemons and The Time Monster, both of which I enjoyed well enough. The Green Death, however, may be my favorite of his stories so far. I’m a big fan of The X-Files and Fringe, and this story puts me in mind of those shows. There isn’t an alien threat. The monsters and antagonists are all man-made. And the story has a great gross-out factor with the monsters being mutated maggots. It also doesn’t hurt that the sentient computer BOSS reminds me of WOTAN from the Hartnell Era.

This story is paced well. As a six-parter, it never feels slow and the plot doesn’t seem to drag, apart from the difficulty in killing the maggots. But even this is handled well. I think even modern audiences would have an easy time getting in to this story, CSO issues aside (although, as CSO goes, this one doesn’t suffer as bad as some). I think this story would work well as an introduction to the Classic Era.

I was surprised in this story by Jo Grant. She has never been a favorite companion, but in this story, I felt she was finally given some decent characterization. I felt that her interaction with Professor Jones was handled well, and I believe that she would leave The Doctor. It’s a shame, sometimes, that the companions get the best material when they are going to leave the show.

My Rating: 4.5/5

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