I have been away for a long time. Well, at least where internet time is concerned. I have been incredibly busy. Between my technical editing class and the freelance editing work I have been doing, there has been very little brainpower left for writing. I’m also suspecting I’ve reached a type of Doctor Who burnout. This strikes me as odd since I was able to chug along pretty well for nearly two years. But it is also not lost on me that every time I have attempted to do a classic series watch through, I have burned out. The first time, it was on the First Doctor; the second time, the Second Doctor. This is the third attempt, so it seems fitting that I’m dragging on the Third Doctor. I’ve finished “Carnival of Monsters,” which took nearly two weeks, and have only watched two episodes of “The Frontier in Space”—over a week and a half ago. With both stories, I felt they were interesting, but my heart just wasn’t in it. I’m moderately concerned about this.

I’ve been blogging about Doctor Who for a long time. For the most part, I have enjoyed it. And while Patrick Troughton is still my favorite Doctor, I think the Hartnell Era has become my favorite era. No other era seems to have matched that one for sheer imagination and creativity. Everyone was making it up as they went along, and no one was constrained by the weight of making Doctor Who. There wasn’t a proper way to do it (make Doctor Who or even television). They just did what they felt was best at the time and got on with it. Sometimes it worked magnificently; sometimes it failed miserably. And I think that is what I’m missing. I miss the wonder and magic of the Hartnell Era.

Okay, so what else have I been doing besides editing? I’m also in a class where I am learning how to use Adobe Dreamweaver, and I hope to develop a new web site from that. I haven’t decided yet whether or not to combine the content of this site with the new site.

And I have also gotten in to table top role playing games. I ran my first two sessions last week (at a total of nine hours for both sessions). It was fun and I learned quite a bit. There is something fascinating about RPGs. I love the concept of interactive storytelling. I may be writing more about this topic in the future. In fact, I’m trying to determine where I want to take this blog next year. I have some ideas, but it is too soon to mention them.

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and wandered by to see if I’m still around. I appreciate it. Hopefully I will have more to update soon.

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