Noir City

The Jacket, a character from the forthcoming comic Noir City.
An illustration of The Jacket, one of the characters in Noir City. The Art is by Allen Byrns. (Source: The Noir City website. Copyright 2012 by Noir City.)

I have been reading comics off and on since high school. Currently, most of my “fun money” (the term my wife and I give to our personal entertainment budget) goes to the DC Comics titles Batman, Batman Inc., Action Comics, and Dial H. As you can tell, I’m a fan of Batman, but there is no end to the titles I would love to read beyond these four. And what I would really love to do is support more independent titles. Well, one of my friends has given me the chance, and I want to pass the info along to any of the readers of Edwardian Adventurer who also read comics.

Noir City is a comic written by Cody Walker and R.G. Valerius with art by Allen Byrns. As you would expect from a comic with “noir” in the title, the eponymous city is a dark place. Crime is high, morale is low. There are promises of superheroes and pagan gods, and the murder of a superhero from a previous age. The resolution of this murder will determine the fate of the city.

Noir City is being funded through Kickstarter. If you are unfamiliar with this site, it basically serves as a fundraising site for creative projects (comics, movies, music, technology, etc.). You can chose to donate however much you wish. Funding of Noir City starts at $1 and goes as high as you feel you can commit to. If the project doesn’t reach its minimum reserve, you pay nothing. One of the fun things about Kickstarter are the incentives. Each fundraising campaign has tiers of support; each tier has unique incentives. In the case of Noir City, you can get original artwork, exclusive members-only content, ad space for your business or website, or even a customized RPG session run through Skype.

I encourage you to visit the Noir City site. Check out the art and read about the story. If you feel inclined, pledge some money. I’m excited for Cody (who I have known for a few years) and I want to see this project succeed. Plus, it helps support independent artists and illustrates how new media is changing the paradigm of entertainment.

The Noir City Kickstarter campaign can be found here.

The official Noir City website can be found here

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