RPG books.I could blame our internet provider; I could blame the cold I’ve been fighting. But the real reason I have been lax in posting for the last couple of weeks is that I’ve become obsessed with gaming. I don’t mean video games, per se, but tabletop role playing games. I’ve always been intrigued by role playing games but usually from a distance. I love console and computer RPGs, however. The table-top versions seemed interesting but required things like preparation, forethought, and social skills. It is much easier to sit at my laptop and play Baldur’s Gate or Final Fantasy.

I think Role Playing Public Radio finally did me in. It is a NSFW podcast that deals with the ins and outs of gaming and they even provide downloads of actual play recordings. And that’s what ultimately addicted me. I became fascinated by the interactive narrative potential of RPGs. I’ve mentioned before my interest in how technology is causing storytelling to change. I’m starting to suspect that I have a lot to learn—as a storyteller—from RPGs. To that end, I have picked up rule books for both The Star Wars Role Playing Game (Second Edition) and The World of Darkness. I am writing a game scenario using some research I have done for a novel I’ve been writing. It has been time consuming, but it is a lot of fun. I’m hoping to get a few people to play the game once I get things written. I’d even like to write up some Doctor Who scenarios.

Any gamers out there? What are your favorite systems and titles?

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