Introducing the Illustrious John Chambers

S.W. King wanted me to introduce myself before I started posting anything, so here it goes.

My name, as the title implies, is John Chambers and I am going to be a contributor to The Edwardian Adventurer. Mr. King is busy with school work and his other blog, so I offered to write a review of The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe since he has not yet done so. That will probably post next week. And, if I can come up with the money to subscribe to series 7 on iTunes, I may try to review that as well.

With regard to Doctor Who, I am a fan of the new series. I haven’t yet watched anything of the older series, although I am passingly familiar with the various Doctors. I like the scary side of Doctor Who, so I love stories such as The Empty Child, The Impossible Astronaut, and The God Complex. I already know Mr. King and I differ on some of our Doctor Who tastes, but I think that will add some nice variety to the blog.

Outside of DW, I enjoy horror films and am a huge fan of shows like The X-Files and Fringe. I also like mysteries and police procedurals like Monk and Nero Wolfe. I’m also addicted to Ghost Hunters, something my roommate Grant likes to make fun of me for. But I’ve always been fascinated with ghost stories and the supernatural. When I was a kid I would get the Time Life Mysteries of the Unknown books from the library. I’m addicted to YouTube videos of the supernatural and ghosts. I don’t care if they are fake or not, they still sent a thrill up my spine. I’m hoping to find some time (and money) to visit a hotel that is supposedly haunted. Ghost hunting would be a lot of fun, don’t you think?

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