I have been working on The Edwardian Adventurer since October of 2010. It has occasionally been fun, occasionally grueling, and occasionally tedious. Any attempt at discipline usually is. And this was the primary purpose of The Edwardian Adventurer: discipline. I desperately needed to develop a habit of writing. My first major in college was Creative Writing. It is rather useless to have such a major if all I concern myself with is getting by because I will never work toward my art. I have spent years procrastinating because of fear, laziness, and comfort. I have worked many jobs I don’t like for one reason only: money. I have had very little passion for most of my jobs.

So, in 2010, inspired by a friend, I resolved to change. If I was serious about writing, I would need to work toward write every day. And since I loved Doctor Who, I started this blog. I would watch one episode a day, six days a week, and I would write about what I watched. I started at the beginning with An Unearthly Child.

The more I wrote, the more I felt driven to write, both on the blog and outside of it. I was eventually inspired to return to school and pursue a degree in Technical Writing. This made keeping up with the blog harder and I made some changes to the frequency of posts. I also started reviewing stories rather than episodes.

This brings us to August 2012. I’m not sure I can do this anymore. I’m doing more writing than ever before, but much of it is not related to The Edwardian Adventurer. I’m working on a novel. I’m brainstorming a book with a local businessman. I’m trying to read through the works of Stephen King (reading is actually feeding my desire to write in a way that watching Doctor Who never has). I have classes starting in less than a month. Bottom line: writing about Doctor Who has started to hinder my work in other areas. I don’t have statistics, but I have written 315 posts. Assuming 350 words per post (which I am sure is a low estimate), I have written over 110,000 words. That is the equivalent TWO novels.

Here’s a guy on a horse. Perhaps this is a metaphor for moving away into the wilderness toward that mountain over yonder. Or perhaps it is just a guy on a horse.

A video of a commencement speech has been making the rounds on YouTube. It is a speech by Neil Gaiman in which he talks about knowing what your mountain is. His mountain was being paid to write–being an author of fiction. Truth be told, my mountain has been the same since I was ten. So, while I still enjoy Doctor Who, it isn’t paying the bills and it is no longer moving me toward my mountain. At one point, it was moving me toward the mountain. When I wasn’t writing every day, I needed The Edwardian Adventurer to get me back on the right path. Unfortunately, we are no longer moving in that direction.

All this means a type of hiatus. I’m most-likely still going to try to work my way through televised Doctor Who, I just probably won’t write about it any longer. I won’t be abandoning the blog entirely, but until I have a way to use the blog in such a way as to take me toward the mountain, I probably won’t be updating much. I have some ideas, but it may take a while to make those happen. Subscribe if you want to keep an eye on the site. And, if you want to keep up with my writing—say, if actually enjoy my writing regardless of whether I write about Doctor Who or not—you can follow King Reads King, my blog dedicated to reading Stephen King novels.

Thanks for reading. I’ve had some great comments; I’ve found some great blogs to follow, even if I haven’t been able to keep up with commenting on them. Thanks for walking this path with me.

–S.W. King

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