Doctor Who Story 055: The Mind of Evil

Image Source: Big Finish.

I was finally able to listen to the BBC audio version of The Mind of Evil. I look forward to revisiting the story when it is eventually released on DVD. It was quite fun and quite exciting. Unfortunately, I’m having difficulty figuring out what to say about it. So, I’ll ramble on a bit and call it good.

One of the elements of this story surrounds the Keller Machine, which is a device which drains evil impulses from the humans exposed to it. The Keller Machine was being tested and used on prisoners; in England the prison in question was Stangmoor Prison. It is an interesting idea, the elimination of the anti-social core of an individual and what that does to a person. It really is only touched upon in this story, which is a shame. A similar idea is explored in greater depth in a Babylon 5 episode. But even though The Mind of Evil doesn’t give a big treatise on identity or evil, at least it aspires to something; at least it tries to think about issues deeper than just action/adventure romp. Truth be told, The Mind of Evil was just the story I was hoping for after the excellent season 8, and the slight rehash of Terror of the Autons. I’m disappointed that this is his last story for Doctor Who. I’ve enjoyed both of his stories.

The Mind of Evil sees the return of The Master, and he is just as striking as he was in Terror. I enjoyed this dastardly plot, which involved The Master destabilizing relations at the World Peace Conference and attempting to steal a nuclear missile. There was enough going on to make a tight-packed six part story.

So, yeah, The Mind of Evil . . . good stuff.


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