Obligatory “You’ve redecorated; I don’t like it” Reference

Okay, as you may have noticed, I’ve been tweaking things a bit. For over a year now I have had an idea for The Edwardian Adventurer, but haven’t had the design skills or the time to play around with them. Last week, however, was my final day at the book shop, so I have had a week or so of creativity-infused hours. I still have quite a few details to iron out, but I’m largely excited about the direction.

You see, for most of the time I’ve been doing this blog, I have tried to find a way to make it different from all the other Doctor Who blogs out there. It started as a writing exercise, but once I started getting regular traffic, I wanted to differentiate the site. There are many sites that review the stories chronologically; based on DVD release date; and any number of other criteria. Within the last couple of years I have seen some really great Big Finish review sites pop up as well. And, sadly, I haven’t had much time for recreational reading (especially now that I’ve started King Reads King), so getting through the books has been much slower than I had hoped. Plus, I’m a slow reader, a procrastinator, and am quite prone to laziness. Let’s just get all the character flaws out right from the beginning.

Since returning to school last winter, I have wanted to utilize more of the design skills I have learned. I have also felt a greater desire to exercise my original passion: creative writing. It was the first degree that I pursued, and the bulk of my college career was spent in writing and literature classes. It was fun, but the job market didn’t exactly open up for me. So, I’m trying to find a tension between the two, and this blog will most-likely be the test subject.

The previous post was my first test. I’m leaving it up more as a preview of what I’m working toward. Since I started the blog, I have played with the idea of Doctor Who being a part of the Edwardian/Victorian Era adventure story tradition. The Doctor himself is an inspired creation on par with Sherlock Holmes, Phineas Fogg, and Allan Quatermain. While the show has strayed from this tradition (The Pertwee Era really doesn’t show as many of the Victorian roots), I still like to imagine The Doctor as having more in common with Holmes and Fogg than Fox Mulder and Jesus (Of course, all is forgiven if the writing is good).

I haven’t yet decided whether I should go back and rework early entries (read: completely re-write them for the new paradigm) or just continue onward. I may do a little of each as time permits. Suggestions are always welcome, just be gentle if you hate it.

3 thoughts on “Obligatory “You’ve redecorated; I don’t like it” Reference

  1. The quotation you use at the head of this post (“You’ve redecorated; I don’t like it”) comes, of course, from the Pertwee serial ‘The Three Doctors’.

    This implies you are at least passingly familiar with later serials, ones that this blog has not yet reached. Yet you seem to be watching each serial for the first time, judging by comments you’ve made in your blog postings for the 1970 season.

    Did you become a fan of one particular Doctor, and then decide to bravely try earlier ones?

    Mr Pertwee was known as ‘His Elegance’, for the dandified style of tailoring he wore in the show, and although the Victorian/Edwardian roots which the show had in the era of Tom Baker and William Hartnell are not much in evidence in the Pertwee years, nonetheless the style of velvet smoking jacket, ruffed shirt and cape, which Pertwee often wears in the serials, was frequently described as an Edwardian style of dress, including by Pertwee himself, who had designed his own costume for an early photo call when he was first cast in the part; and he based the look on the style of clothes worn by an uncle of his, back in Jon’s youth in the 1920s. So Jon himself dressed in an Edwardian style, even if the scripts he was given didn’t much reflect that period in Earth history.

    1. I first encountered Doctor Who at age three. My mom was a fan of Tom Baker. For years he was my favorite and I have seen all his stories. So yes, most of these serials I am watching for the first time. This blog actually marks the third time I have tried to watch everything in broadcast order. The first time, I stalled out halfway through the Hartnell years. The second time, partway through Troughton’s run. This time, I have made it to Pertwee! I think of all the Doctors, Pertwee is the one I’m least familiar with. So pretty much everything in this era (with the exception of “Spearhead”, “The Three Doctors”, and “Carnival of Monsters”) will be a first viewing.

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