Planet of Giants with Restored Footage!

The Tea-Lady Design for the DVD release. (Source: Doctor Who News web site. Copyright 2012 by BBC.)

I’m not sure how I missed this news. Life has been super busy. That’s the excuse, anyway.

According to the Doctor Who News web site, the DVD release of Planet of Giants will have four episodes for the serial rather than the three that were originally broadcast. Planet of Giants was commissioned as a four part story, but Verity Lambert had the serial recut as three episodes. For the DVD, 2Entertain has used the original scripts to recreate episodes three and four. We are getting an entirely new episode from the Hartnell era!

Presumably, the DVD will also have the broadcast version. Still, this is exciting news and I can’t wait to revisit this story . . . and to fill a gap in my Hartnell DVD collection.

Planet of Giants can be pre-ordered via Amazon UK. No word yet on a USA release date.

3 thoughts on “Planet of Giants with Restored Footage!

  1. I hate to pour cold water on what sounds like a pretty neat idea, but …

    I remember Verity talking about this story to Carol Anne Ford at a convention, and IIRC there was a good reason why the story worked better in the tighter 3 episode format. There was just not enough filmed material to make an extra episode. It was going to result in two episodes running VERY short. So she took a decision to recut the film, to merge the two affected episodes.

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