Doctor Who – The Ambassadors of Death, Part 5

Source: Adventures with The Wife in Space website. Copyright 1970 by the BBC.


I’m not sure why I like Sgt. Benton so much. Perhaps it is because John Levene seems like such a nice guy. Perhaps it is due to his inclusion in the Tom Baker debut Robot. Benton seems to represent a regular support cast; he conveys what has been termed “The UNIT Family”. A support cast is new for Doctor Who. These are the days before we had Jackie Tyler or Craig. Old friends are a new thing because until this point we did not return to the same place twice. Things are quite different now.

What strikes me most about Ambassadors at this point is that there is more action. Ambassadors seems to draw a significant amount of inspiration from James Bond. The show is adapting and evolving. In some ways, it has moved quite some way from its origin. While I don’t dislike what they are doing with the show, it is still very different. So far, the stories have been good enough that I don’t mind.

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