Doctor Who – The Ambassadors of Death, Part 2

Much like the previous episode, the pattern here seems to be space control stuff, action sequence, and finally, intrigue. Thankfully, the space control sequence is a bit shorter in this one, and it leads to the successful re-entry of the shuttle. In theory, this marks the end (or at least, the drastic reduction) of the control scenes.

While I enjoy the action sequences—in this episode, the villains attempt to steal the shuttle—they do lend to an uneven pace. Granted, I think this episode was a step up from the previous. It seems as if the first mystery (the malfunction of the shuttle) is about to lead to a new mystery, one that involves some sort of para-military conspiracy.

Thus far, the Pertwee season seems to be working quite well. Each story has been markedly different from the previous. I have no idea where this story is going, and that is exciting.


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