Doctor Who and The Silurians, Part 4

Source: Doctor Who and The Silurians DVD screen capture. Copyright 1970 by BBC.

How does one reboot a monster?

Between 1989 and 2005, Doctor Who was able to pass into a type of background consciousness. When asked about it, people would have probably made reference to The Doctor, scarves, a police box, or Daleks. Memories of Silurians would have been limited to a niche group of fans. So, when Steven Moffat chose to bring the Silurians back in 2010, the question of reboot must certainly have applied. Does one resume from where the classic series left off? Does one completely reimagine the Silurians?

Ultimately, The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood redesigned the creatures, but retold the same story. There are quite a few differences, admittedly, but the ultimate core of the story—contact between humans and a recently awakened tribe of Silurians and The Doctor’s attempt to prevent a war—remain the same. This is an idea I enjoy because it casts the Silurians as an intelligent race, not unlike humans, rather than monsters.

Which story does better: Doctor Who and The Silurians or The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood? I have my bias, but I’ll decide when I finish part seven.

One thought on “Doctor Who and The Silurians, Part 4

  1. In my opinion, now that you have seen ‘The Silurians’ you ought to view at least one episode of the Jon Pertwee story ‘The Sea Devils’, and of the Peter Davison serial ‘Warriors of the Deep’, in both of which the Silurians were, in a sense, re-imagined, before commenting on any of the more recent re-imaginings.

    I don’t think you can fully appreciate the Steven Moffat serials without seeing all three of the original serials, because seeing all three could substantially change your view of the Moffat serials.

    Since you obviously liked Malcolm Hulke’s 1970 scripts, I can’t imagine you viewing ‘Warriors of the Deep’ without it having a strong effect on your final opinion.

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