Doctor Who and the Silurians, Part 3

Source: Doctor Who and the Silurians screen capture. Copyright 1970 by British Broadcasting Corporation.

I will delay talking about the Silurian until a future post. Honestly, there’s nothing much to talk about. It was merely a quick, cliff hanger reveal. Instead, I will talk about Quinn.

It was established earlier that Quinn knew the source of the power shortages: the creatures in the cave were leeching power. In return for access to this power, Quinn was promised scientific knowledge. Already we have the shady-human-allied-with-the-villain trope. These things usually end poorly for the human, and with the end of this episode, nothing much has changed there.

However, as villains go, Quinn isn’t really evil; he is just a bit greedy. He doesn’t want to tell The Doctor about the Silurians because he doesn’t want to share the credit. Fair enough, but this selfishness is putting people in danger; it is getting people killed.

The Doctor’s investigation in this episode reminds me, in a way, of a Poirot adaptation. The Doctor has his suspicions early on, but he must find evidence (that pesky evidence). Knowing Quinn’s involvement in something mysterious, The Doctor trails him and confronts him. The Doctor drops many hints that he knows, trying to trick Quinn into revealing the truth, before appealing outright.

Thus far, I’m enjoying the pace of this story. Things are being revealed at a leisurely pace, and each episode so far has had its own tone and focus. So far, so good.

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