Hunky Dory

The previous four months have been extremely difficult. I suppose balancing school and work will do that.

By way of clarification, I haven’t abandoned this blog (and perhaps nineteen days of non-activity is not enough time to warrant fears of abandonment); in fact, it has rarely been far from my mind. Time, however, has been difficult to manage. The good news is that the semester ends in just two weeks. During this time I will have one photo editing project to complete and one presentation to give. After that, I hope to get back to Doctor Who. I just ordered Doctor Who and The Silurians on DVD. New classic-era Doctor Who tends to excite me.

(Source: Wikimedia Commons. Copyright 2010 by Fletcher6)

Unfortunately, I have had to make a few changes in my podcast life. A year ago I was subscribed to multiple Doctor Who-related podcasts. While I enjoyed them immensely, I found they created within me a desire to consume more and more Doctor Who. This isn’t a bad thing, per se, but returning to school has put certain demands on the budget and time. Essentially, I no longer had time in my life for everything I once did (I am still following the Big Finish podcast, however, as I harbor the dream to one day write for them).

The path I am currently treading has dictated certain changes, and this blog may—at times—reflect this. I have, undeniably, be a fan of Doctor Who off and on since the age of three. Yet, the greater fanaticism in my life has always been with words. More recently this has shifted into a fascination with communication in general, not so much with public speaking, but with the transfer of ideas. To this end, I have been seeking a degree in professional writing. Much of the writing in the business world utilizes forms of technical communication. It is my hope that I can transfer the concepts and techniques that I learn to improve this blog. Hopefully it will lead to better writing as well, as some of my early posts were quite rough.

But I may play around with things along the way. Designs may change from time to time; I may write about non-Doctor Who, non-science fiction/adventure topics. I say all this just as a heads up. Some of you have been reading and subscribing to this blog for a quite a while, and I appreciate every one of you. I still hope to get through every episode of DW, and now understand this to be a task that will take much longer than I had anticipated. With this goal now becoming more long-term in nature, however, I can no longer maintain a single focus. This blog must also reflect, both visually and textually, the skillset I am learning.

I hope you stick around.

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