Next: Time and Relative

Time and Relative was the novella that kicked off Telos’ Doctor Who novella project. In total, Telos published 15 novellas. Each book had an introduction and a frontispiece. I remember when the novellas were first announced; they seemed exclusive and prestigious. Due to this, I was under the impression that these books would be of higher quality than some of those I had read in the BBC Books range. Thus far, I have only read Frayed, and I quickly learned that my earlier impression was not accurate. However, an entire range cannot be judged by a single book, and while Stephen Cole (under the pseudonym Tara Samms) may have turned in a mediocre entry, I have higher hopes for Kim Newman.

Newman is a writer who has had a successful writing career outside of the Doctor Who world. He is a film and television critic, but also a novelist who has written the well-received Anno Dracula books, a series that takes place in an alternate history in which Dracula has become the ruler of England. Similar to Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, this novel incorporates fictional heroes of the Victorian Era, and becomes a game of spot-the-character. All this wrapped up in a horror/history novel. Sounds rather intriguing.

Since he is an established writer, I have somewhat high expectations for Newman. Time and Relative stars the First Doctor and Susan and takes place in London in 1963, mere months before two inquisitive school teachers wander into a dark scrap yard. The story has, as its backdrop, The Big Freeze of 1963, something I will be researching and sharing background on a bit later.

I’m looking forward to getting back to Doctor Who, and as an added bonus, the book is by an author I have wanted to read.

 Any thoughts on Time and Relative? Should I check out more works by Newman?

(Image: Catriona Sparks. WikiCommons.)

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