Time for Some Feedback

Based on my preliminary research, I may have a problem.  Spearhead from Space and The Silurians are both on DVD, but Ambassadors of Death has not yet been scheduled for release.  This wouldn’t be the first time I have been forced to wait for a DVD release (this happened with The Gunfighters), but this is the first time it would occur so early in the season.  I don’t personally relish the idea of forging ahead for about two weeks, then going on indefinite hiatus.  I prefer to experience the show in unbroken chunks as much as possible.  As we are currently between seasons, I think I will just wait until I have a better idea of when to expect Ambassadors of Death to be released.

But what to do in the mean time?  School and work have kept me quite busy and I haven’t been able to brainstorm much.  So, I’m opening things up a bit.  What should I write about during this interim?

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