The Space Pirates Conquer My Computer

It started rather inauspiciously Monday evening as my computer’s responsiveness began to mirror mine if you addressed me prior to my first cup of coffee. Any task just seemed too much for its poor processor and by Tuesday morning it was shot. I have yet to figure out what is wrong with it, but my untrained mind fears the problem is related to the hard drive which Windows 7 refuses to communicate with any longer.  I am beyond my computer-repair knowledge.  For the immediate future my computer access will be restricted to my wife’s computer–which she uses for her work–and the computer labs at Missouri State University.  I am not sure what affect this will have on the blog.

As for The Space Pirates, I am half-way through the story and it has picked up quite a bit from the first episode. I actually think the introduction of Milo Clancey has helped my enjoyment.  Robert Holmes is really playing up the idea of space being a frontier (not unlike Joss Whedon in Firefly) and Clancey is a crazy prospector straight out of the stock character box. I love that you can see, in Clancey, an early version of later larger-than-life Holmes characters such as Henry Gordon Jago and Unstoffe. While it seems many fans dislike Clancey, I find him amusing. He reminds me of my first boss:  a bit goofy, largely comic relief, but competent in his own way.

Any fans of Clancey?

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