Grimly Shuffling Forward

I usually go to YouTube to find a specific video or check some channel that I enjoy, but after those videos have finished, I start checking out the recommended or similar videos and the next thing I know an hour has gone by and I can’t even remember why I was on the site to begin with.  Oddly enough, this is almost how I feel about watching Grimm.  The intriguing premise brought me to the show.  I like most of the lead characters.  But in the end, the similarity of the plots and slow pace are irritating me.  I want the show to go somewhere.  I’ve watched six episodes so far and apart from populating the mythology with diverse re-interpretations of fairy tales, the show just isn’t moving beyond the monster-of-the-week format.  Whatever arc is being told in this show needs to fire an unmistakable shot across the bow of the . . . um.  Okay, the metaphor fell apart, but I think you take my meaning.  For crying out loud, Once Upon a Time has already killed a major character, and I expect that show to fall apart at any minute.  But despite this fear, at least I feel like the show is going somewhere.

Here are some ideas that I think would make the show more interesting and shake things up a bit.

Another Grimm – One aspect I enjoy about the show is that Nick isn’t quick to fall into place.  Just because he is a Grimm doesn’t mean he kills indiscriminately.  Truth be told, he is a cop first, and a Grimm second.  I love this part of the show.  However, I think it is time to more fully draw him into this world and having a new Grimm show up to train him would be good.  Nick would be forced to protect the friends he has made thus far and make the choice between truly learning from his brethren or arresting him for unprovoked attacks on those he hunts.  This could lead to future stories where Nick would be an outcast from the Grimm line.

Surprise reveal – Nick’s girlfriend has been a wasted character thus far.  What better way to shake up the show than to reveal that she is an as yet uncataloged creature that worked her way into Nick’s life to watch him.  Or perhaps she could be part of the group of hunters like Captain Renard.

Regardless of where the show goes, I think it is time for it to start playing some major cards.  I’d like to keep up with it and see where it goes, but next year looks to be busy and I don’t know if I will have time.  But if something compelling happens, I’ll be sure to make time.

What do you think Grimm needs?  Do you think it is fine just the way it is?

2 thoughts on “Grimly Shuffling Forward

  1. Agreed. Grimm feels like, “Let’s use fairy tales in a CSI mold!” It’s like using the D&D ruleset and then saying its in space. Yeah you get phasers and other cool toys, but it plays the same. I’m much more fond of Once Upon a Time. I watch Grimm when I can’t get my OUAT fix and am now current with the show.

    What would I like?
    1. Step up the backstories both present and past. 30 seconds once a month of the Hexanbeast (name?) and police captain revealing something is too drawn out to be dramatic. Ditto with Monroe’s ex. A tantalizing tidbit, but not enough to maintain interest for more.
    2. Threats to Juliet and the family. Maybe this is coming inadvertently through the woodchuck plumber. Maybe Mr. Grimm will show he’s not plastic. 😉
    3. Monroe has actual trouble with restraint.
    4. Another Grimm is interesting, but goes against what his aunt said early on about him being the last. They’d have to explain that away.

  2. I couldn’t remember if Nick was the last Grimm or one of the last. It really doesn’t matter, though, because they could always have it explained that one survived and lived under the radar for some reason.

    I like the idea of more backstories. Honestly, the mythology is one of the most interesting pieces of the show. Perhaps instead of just having Monroe dump the info on us we could actually get some stories set in the past.

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