Vintage Sci-Fi January

I have to admit that this is a great idea.  Inspired by The Little Red Reviewer, I will be participating in The Vintage SF Not-A-Challenge.  Details can be found here, but here is the concept in an abbreviated form.  The Not-A-Challenge is a loose group of bloggers who want to read some vintage science fiction novels or short stories and write about the experience.  Vintage, in this case, refers to anything before 1979.  Essentially, anything that was published prior to the blogger in question being born (in my case 1980).  It is called “Not-a-Challenge” because there isn’t any real challenge to hit a certain number of books or anything so competitive.  There is no pressure, which is great because my life will get extremely busy about mid-way through January.  I’ll be returning to school next month to pursue a technical writing degree, and that will probably chip away at my reading time.  But I can’t think of a more fun way to unwind after a day of classes and work than relaxing with some Bradbury or Wyndham.

If any of my fellow bloggers want to participate, I would love to have you join us.  Check out Little Red Reviewer‘s blog for more details.

3 thoughts on “Vintage Sci-Fi January

  1. Very happy to have you along, and thanks for mentioning the Vintage not-a-challenge thing, it’s gonna be a blast. And I’ve got a Doctor Who book set aside any everything.

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