The Ice Warriors – Opening Shots

With The Ice Warriors I am now in the second Doctor Who story in a row that I haven’t previously seen. Not only that, but this is the first story with The Ice Warriors that I have seen.  I keep reading about them here and there, I even read Lance Parkin’s Dying Days a long time ago (in which The Ice Warriors invade Earth), but I have never watched them, I have never seen what made them so compelling as to bring them back a handful of times.  And like many other people, I thought Waters of Mars would see the return of the Mars natives.

This story sees the return of Brian Hayles having previously written The Smugglers for William Hartnell’s Doctor.  This story was yet another attempt to create a monster who could return time and again.  It seems to have worked because The Ice Warriors continue to capture the imagination.  The Ice Warriors appeared in a total of four televised stories as well as a handful of novels and Big Finish adventures.  I’m looking forward to this introduction to them.

So, as Doctor Who monsters, how do the Ice Warriors rank?  What are your favorite stories?

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