One Year?!?

It has been one year.

I feel on some level that I should congratulate myself as today marks the one year anniversary of starting The Edwardian Adventurer blog.  When I started this blog, I had two goals.  The first was to provide a venue for developing the discipline of writing.  I hoped this blog would give me the motivation to post regularly (six times a week in the beginning).  The second goal was to make my way through Doctor Who in broadcast order.  This second goal aided the first by giving me regular content.  One year later, I am in the middle of The Ice Warriors.  I am still watching Doctor Who and writing thoughts each day, but I now wait until the end of the serial before posting.  Thus, I only do about two or three posts a week.  And now that Cymru Who series six has finished, I am in need of a regular Monday post.  I’m thinking about resuming my journey through LOST, as I feel I have been neglecting it.

But today is a day to try to feel proud of myself (in the midst of all the other deadlines which loom over me).  In the previous year I have written over 160,000 words.  I have done more writing in this year than any other year, so I think I’m doing quite well on the first goal.  So, what should we expect in the next year?  I hope to continue my journey through Doctor Who, hoping to get well into the Pertwee era in 2012.  Mondays will be set aside for LOSTDoctor Who will continue to update on Tuesdays or Thursdays (possibly both).  It is also my desire to turn my attention to writing fiction, and I may post stories or comics here.  Possibly the most exciting news to have come about in the last year is the opportunity to collaborate on a book.  It isn’t related to the scope of this blog, but it is exciting nonetheless.  So, if I don’t appear here as often as usual, hopefully it is because I’m working on the book.

I hope you have had a good time visiting The Edwardian Adventurer.  If you have suggestions for the upcoming year, let me know.  Feedback is always welcome.

And in case anyone is curious, here are the five most-visited posts from the last year.

1.  The Scarlet Pimpernel

2.  Farewell Great Macedon

3.  The World Shapers: A Comic by Grant Morrison

4.  The Impossible Astronaut

5.  The Time of Angels

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