The Abominable Snowmen – Opening Shots

I’m hoping to have this story finished and posted by Thursday.  There is a certain mystique about it for me, possibly due to Doctor Who attempting to portray the Himalayas and a Buddhist monastery.  It is a fairly remote location, and the idea of a cryptozoological expedition seems somewhat fun.

As mentioned before, I have never watched/listened to/read this story, so it is completely new to me.  I have, however, listened to the audio of its sequel The Web of Fear, so I am partially familiar with The Yeti and The Great Intelligence.  As I understand it, The Yeti proved to be somewhat popular with viewers, so the production team commissioned the sequel fairly soon afterward.  The Yeti underwent a redesign, however, as they did appear somewhat cuddly and not terribly fearsome.

Fun Facts about The Abominable Snowmen:

  • First appearance in Doctor Who of The Yeti.  They would go on to appear in two more televised stories (The Web of Fear and The Five Doctors).
  • The only complete episode known to exist is episode two.  However, clips from episode four exist.
  • The character of Professor Travers was portrayed by Jack Watling, the real life father of Deborah Watling (Victoria).
  • It is mistakenly believed that playwright Harold Pinter appeared in this story.  Pinter has denied this.



2 thoughts on “The Abominable Snowmen – Opening Shots

  1. The Great Intelligence is Yog-Sothoth, an Old One specializing in bizarre strategies. According to the novel Millennial Rites, it invaded another planet using robot teddy bears.

    1. I finished the story tonight, and I can totally see why this story would be integrated with Lovecraft’s mythos. I don’t know if Haisman or Lincoln were familiar with Lovecraft, but The Great Intelligence fits perfectly.

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