Sawbones Who 128 – The Smugglers Part 2

Written by Brian Hayles
Directed by Julia Smith

The Doctor becomes a “guest” on The Black Albatross as Ben and Polly find themselves wrapped up in a smuggling ring.

The Doctor is safe enough for the time being, finding a way to sweet talk Captain Pike.  He even negotiates to help Pike find Avery’s gold in return for a portion of the treasure.  But Pike is more than a mere pirate.  The inn keeper arrives at The Black Albatross to arrange for Pike’s participation in smuggling.  Pike agrees to meet with The Squire to negotiate, and makes the inn keeper stay on board the ship with The Doctor.

Ben and Polly go through a bit this episode.  They pretend to be practitioners of voodoo to escape from the gaol.  They return to the church to look for clues to lead them to the real murder of Longfoot, but end up taking a man prisoner in the crypt.  Ben learns that the prisoner is the King’s revenue agent, and he is investigating a smuggling ring.  He has found a system of caves that lead to the beach.  The entrance is in the church’s crypt.  Ben is a bit suspicious of the story, but does discover that the caves lead straight to the TARDIS.

Polly goes to The Squire to tell him about the murder suspect, but is recaptured by Pike and The Squire.  The two men surmise that the prisoner could be the King’s agent, and they return to the crypt with Polly, recapturing Ben and gaining a new prisoner in the form of the agent.

After being thrown right in with the previous episode, things seem to unfold a bit slower this time around.  We still have the mystery of Avery’s gold, but now we have an added smuggling ring, and it seems very few allies for The Doctor, Ben and Polly.  The innkeeper is an interesting character as he is excited about being involved in the smuggling intrigue, but he is also concerned about what Pike could do in his attempt to find Avery’s gold.  He fears Pike could burn down the village.  Should have thought of that before you got excited about smuggling, innkeeper.

I think I am enjoying Ben a bit more than Polly at the moment.  Ben seems quite eager now that he realizes he really is in the 17th century.  Sure, he is still quite skeptical and doesn’t accept things easily, but once he is on board, he is enthusiastic.  He takes to this life quite well, but since we have every indication that he joined the navy to travel and have adventures, traveling in the TARDIS should come quite naturally to him.  Polly, however, just doesn’t grab my attention much.  She does seem quick to catch on and clever, but there is something undefinable that just hasn’t allowed me to warm to her.

It seems all the players are now accounted for.  I’m guessing the next episode will involve a lot of running around.


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