LOST – Part 2 Addendum

In the following episode, we begin the typical Lost storytelling device of the flashback. We have seen a few examples of this so far, but from here on, the majorities of episodes will focus on a central character (also known as “character-centric”). However, even though one character may be drawn to the fore, this is a large cast and they often have their own moments of revelation or characterization. Thus, I will be attempting to keep track of what we learn in each episode. So, we will have a character section in each analysis. Here is an example, using “Pilot Part 2”

Jack. Jack, is a surgeon, something established in the previous episode. In this one, he spends much of his time working on the U.S. Marshal that was transporting Kate to the U.S. He also learns that one of the survivors (a female) is a fugitive.

Hurley. Drafted to help Jack with removing the shrapnel from the marshal, we learn Hurley doesn’t handle blood well. He passes out on the marshal.

Sawyer. Has a letter that he keeps reading. It causes him a lot of pain whenever he reads it. Like any man would, he thinks it is cool that he shot a bear. He is prone to fits of anger, but he is also quite mischievous, in a dangerous way.

Kate. What is interesting about this episode is that it establishes the second part of the love triangle. Kate and Jack worked almost exclusively in part one. Here, Kate spends much of her time with Sawyer. His knowledge of her “type” amuses him, and he is drawn to her. So, between the first two episodes, we have already paired Kate with the two men she will be flitting between from here on out.

Michael and Walt. Michael is still looking for Walt’s dog Vincent. Jack suggests Michael look in the jungle, since he saw a dog shortly after waking up on the island. Walt also spends time looking through a comic book starring members of The Justice League. The comic is in Spanish. We will later learn that Michael was an artist a long time ago. This is a way he could connect to Walt. He blows it, however, by saying he will get Walt a new dog if they can’t find Vincent.

Boone and Shannon. Still arguing with one another, Boone accuses Shannon of being useless and not attempting to do something productive to help everyone. Shannon volunteers to go on the mission to find a radio signal, primarily to heap scorn on Boone. They seem to have a lot of contempt for one another, while Boone seems to spend a lot of time nagging her. Also, Shannon speaks French.

Charlie. Back to chasing the dragon.

Sayid. Already off on the wrong foot with Sawyer. What makes Sayid interesting in this episode is we are told he was part of the Republican Guard in Iraq. However, this isn’t nearly as straightforward as we may initially think. We find out that a few years passed between leaving the guard and ending up on The Island.

The Island. We have seen the beach, a bamboo grove, jungle (which is where the cockpit landed), and there are some highlands as well. The survivors were unable to send a message because a message was already being broadcast from The Island, which means there is a source, which implies buildings and technology somewhere on The Island. It is odd that the rest of the season will not see the survivors trying to explore. Granted, there is the monster in the jungle and they will soon have to deal with this Ethan guy, but if a radio message is blocking their attempt to send an SOS, then wouldn’t it be a good idea to try to find where the French message is originating and possibly use that equipment? On second thought, Sayid does set out to try this in a future episode. As we will see, he gets interrupted.

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