Paradigm Shift

You may have noticed that I haven’t updated in a while.  Yeah, sorry.  I can’t stand not updating every weekday.

The good news is that The Gunfighters comes out soon.  The bad news is that I’m not finding as much free time in my schedule to read at a brisk pace.  How sad is life when a guy can’t get through a TARGET novelization in less than a week?  But, sparing you the details of my work situation, I’m going to institute a new policy.

For about six years I was a fan of LOST.  I enjoyed discussing it with my wife.  I shared it with friends.  I defended it against detractors.  In the end, while I enjoyed nearly every moment of my six year journey with the show, I felt the ending wasn’t a good payoff.  There were many questions still left unanswered, and while I don’t believe every question needs to be answered, I felt essential ones were not.  But I also couldn’t shake that perhaps the answers were planted along the way, but we had missed them.  Thus, I want to wade through every episode of LOST and develop a second, hopefully more positive, opinion.  Initially I had started this as a separate blog called The Long Con, but I have now decided to merge the two.  So, I will start republishing early entries here tomorrow.  There will be a shift in format after the first few entries because I realized  that I had stifled myself by using this format.  I was trying too hard to imitate Tat Wood and Lawrence Miles’ About Time books, only adapting the format for LOST.  Sometimes formats are a good thing, such as with poetry or fiction, but this is a review/analysis blog and I just don’t want to do the little bits of trivia any more.  I want to focus primarily on analysis.  Thus, I hope to continue under this new paradigm.  However, there is one major rule that I must follow.  Doctor Who is the priority.  I have 32 seasons to review, and I need to remain steady and disciplined, not distracted.  Since every episode has not yet been released on DVD, I will resume reviewing LOST as I come to these gaps in Doctor Who.

With this new scope for The Edwardian Adventurer, I hope to bring in other contributors to focus on genre fiction and shows.  Doctor Who is my main priority, and LOST in the interim, but I hope to post further topics along the way, either by myself or others.  If you want to contribute reviews or essays, just get in touch with me and we will talk.  Again, I want to focus on science fiction, fantasy, horror, and even mystery.  Books, television, movies, and comics are all fair game.

So, I hope fans of Doctor Who and LOST will be eager to keep reading.  If you have been curious about LOST, then watch and read along (although take it as a given that there WILL be spoilers).  And if you are not interested in LOST, then I hope to see you again shortly after The Gunfighters is released on DVD in North America.

Billy will be back. I promise.

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