Plan B

It seems we have a bit of a problem.

I made the decision, somewhere in my coverage of the second season, that I would only review episodes that had been officially released.  Thus far, this hasn’t been a problem.  In fact, the release of The Ark was extremely well-timed.  The same cannot be said for The Gunfighters.  So, I am stuck for a bit.  Yes, I know that the wonders of the internet can bring me said story quickly and even without downloads, but I would prefer to not go this route due to personal convictions.  I wish to support 2Entertain and what they are doing, and to acquire these episodes via alternate means would make it that much more tempting to skip the eventual release of The Gunfighters.  The good news is that The Gunfighters is probably going to be released this year, but the exact date has not (as of this writing) been determined.  Unfortunately, it does rather kill my momentum.

Does this mean I am abandoning the blog until the DVD is released?  By no means!  It may be updated less-frequently, however.  My backup plan is to start on the Target novelizations.  I have always wanted to read through them.  I also want to read through them before starting the New Adventures.  Here are the self-imposed rules for the Target books.  First, I will read them in as close to release order as possible.  I realize that they were released out of story order, but that won’t initially be much of a problem. Second, I will not read any book that is based on an episode I haven’t reviewed.  There’s no particular reason for this other than my desire to experience the show first, then see the print interpretation.  This means I could hit another impasse after The Crusaders, but I’m hoping that The Gunfighters will be released (or at least scheduled) by then.  If not, then I’ll figure out a plan C.

The good news, and this is more personal than anything, is that this not only frees me up to work on a couple of non-Who projects, but it also allows me to save up money for when we eventually get back on track because DVDs are not cheap, especially Doctor Who DVDs.


Addendum:  Looks like The Gunfighters is coming out in July!  Thanks, 2Entertain, for looking out for me.

10 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. I completely know what you mean. For example, I just reviewed Inferno. That means the next story I want to review for the next week is Terror of the Autons. So I either have to wait another 2 months till it is released, watch the video or move on to the next story and when it’s finally released on DVD, go back and review.

    Either way you go, keep up the good work. I may not comment on each episode you write, but I do enjoy them.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement!

      I never really understood why it has taken so long for Terror of the Autons to get released. I mean, it is the first story with The Master! It seems that it would have been a perfect release when The Master appeared on New Who. But at least it is finally coming out.

  2. I believe Gunfighters is being released in a box set with The Awakening. Weird combination.

    I watched Gunfighters on an unofficial site. Naughty, but waiting for all the serials to be released (and buying them all!) seemed far too daunting.

    I think it is a great story. I am one of the few fans who enjoys the ballad that is sang continuously through the serial. Most people seem to hate that.

    1. Odd combination, indeed. I wonder if, when they just have one or two left, we’ll get a “Scraping the Barrel” Box set.

      I understand how daunting it seems. I try not to think about it, focusing only on the current story and the next.

      I’ve watched Gunfighters once before. I remember really enjoying the story, but started to find the ballad irritating by the end. Maybe it will be different watching one episode at a time instead of all in one go.

      1. You might not want to start with the Timewyrm books; they are a mixed bag (Exodus is good, Revelation is excellent, Genesys is mediocre and Apocalypse is a bit rubbish). If you are not bothered about chronology you could start with Love and War as that is such a pivotal book in the NA mythos.

  3. I think I saw the Gunfighters a long time ago when it was on PBS. Have not seen it since. I’m also one who likes to wait till they are on DVD. I’m slowly upgrading all my video’s to DVD’s, especially as they come available. Looking at my schedule, I think Planet of the Spiders will fall within the same week or week before I do a review.

    I’ve toyed with doing reviews of the new series, at the same time as I’m doing these old one. Not sure if I will or not, but keeping that in mind (because I do have those all on DVD).

    1. I had to sell all my video copies two years ago when my player started eating the tapes. It was a sad day. I haven’t yet replaced them on DVD. Hopefully, by the time I get to Survival, I’ll have them all. Hopefully I won’t think it was a waste of money.

      I’m constantly tempted to review the new series. I have a lot of opinions on it (truly, what Who fan doesn’t), but I want to be fair to the new series and am refraining for now. I figure if I am willing to give each era a chance on its own terms, I should do the same for New Who.

      That said, if you DO review the episodes, I know I will read them. Not to sway you one way or the other.

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