099 – Golden Death (The Daleks’ Master Plan Part 9)

Written by Dennis Spooner, Idea by Terry Nation
Directed by Douglas Camfield

Pursued by both The Monk and The Daleks, The TARDIS crew make a pit-stop in Egypt to repair the damaged TARDIS.

Generic Picture of Egypt

I can’t help but feel that we have entered severe padding at this point.  First, we are in Egypt, a location that would probably lend itself to a number of interesting stories.  Instead, we use it as the back drop for The Daleks, The Monk, and Mavic Chen chasing The Doctor.  Next, we have Mavic Chen and The Daleks using The Monk to lure The Doctor into a false sense of security which would enable him to trust The Monk with an alliance against The Daleks.  As The Doctor seems to have forgotten The Daleks at this point, it isn’t a bad plan.  Perhaps The Doctor realizes that these stories rarely stretch beyond six episodes, and being at episode nine, he believes himself to be in a completely new story.

“I don’t quite remember defeating The Daleks and Mavic Chen,” The Doctor might say to himself.  “But I obviously must have done for the stories don’t seem to stretch this long.  They haven’t in the past.  No, I must have forgotten.  Yes, I forgot how the previous story resolved and now I’m battling The Monk in Egypt.  Yes a battle of wits!  Hold on, I still have the Teranium.  Maybe I am still in The Dalek story.”

Steven and Sara are captured by the Egyptians.  This will probably factor into the resolution of this sub-plot, as will the fact The Doctor has changed the appearance of The Monk’s TARDIS.  It now looks like a police box.

I can’t really say much more of this, other than to express how much I am ready for this story to end.  Thankfully, the next episode still exists, so I can watch it rather than listen to it.  Hooray!


One thought on “099 – Golden Death (The Daleks’ Master Plan Part 9)

  1. I really enjoyed that episode.

    The set is great. It’s amazing the ambition of the production team, that having doneall those spacey sets, they try re-creating ancient Egypt and do a good job of it.

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