070 – The Search (The Space Museum Part 3)

Written by Glyn Jones
Directed by Mervyn Pinfield

Viva la revolucion!

Meanwhile, in the student lounge....

“All we do is stand around saying the whole thing is a nightmare.  Why don‘t we do something?”

A bit of looking around on the internet brought me to A Brief History of Time (Travel), a website that has loads of production information about the various Doctor Who serials.  Apparently Glyn Jones did indeed write The Space Museum as a comedic story, but Dennis Spooner removed much of the humor, feeling the story was more high-concept science fiction.  So, Dennis Spooner removed the humor?  That’s rather ironic.

The comedic tone is much more dominant in this episode.  The Moroks seem to be excited at the possibility of alien invaders.  The Morok hierarchy tries to rally the troops, who only seem confused and disorganized.  One soldier happens upon Ian, Barbara and Vicki quite by accident.  He is quickly subdued as Ian decides that he cannot die if his fate is to be put in a display case.  Other Moroks arrive and give chase, splitting up our team.  Barbara gets locked in a storage room and eventually gassed.  Ian takes his own Morok hostage and goes to see Lobos and rescue The Doctor.

Vicki, however, ends up with the rebels.  We find that the rebels are the native Xerons who were subdued by the Moroks some time ago.  The Xerons sit around and talk about the revolution, they try to plan the revolution, they dream of the revolution.  They tell Vicki about their hopes and dreams, which frankly irritates her.  The Xerons are like hipsters, all talk and dream about how bad things are and how much better things would be if they were in charge.  But they never do anything about it.  Getting fed up, Vicki stands up and inspires them, urging them to find weapons and take out the Moroks.  If they had weapons, they could rally the other Xerons.  Tor has the hilarious line, “That is where we are strong!  In our planning!”

As soon as they get to the security computer that gives access to the armory, Tor’s confidence fades again.  The computer asks questions which you much answer truthfully and correctly.  Tor is ready to give up and go back to planning, but Vicki reprograms the computer to only accept truthful answers, even if they are not the correct ones.  The armory opens.  Let the revolution begin!

Ian finally confronts Lobos and is taken to see The Doctor, who is being prepared for display.  The Preparation procedure is a type of embalming.  The episode closes with a look of shock on Ian’s face as he sees The Doctor, just off screen.


4 thoughts on “070 – The Search (The Space Museum Part 3)

  1. If you listen to the audio commentary on the DVD, Glyn Jones makes it clear that he intended The Space Museum to be a comedy. He, and pretty much everyone else involved, was underwhelmed by Mervin Pinfield’s direction. Jones also indicated that Moroks = morons. So he intended for the bad guys to be an incompetent, bumbling lot. Anyway, I still think it’s a good, underrated serial. Would have probably worked better as a three-parter, but you could say that about a lot of Doctor Who stories.

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