Shameless Self-Promotion

Just a reminder for anyone interested, I have started my Lost review blog, where I hope to do for Lost what I have been doing for Doctor Who, only perhaps go into more depth and behind the scenes considerations.  My desire is to do for Lost what About Time does for Doctor Who.  I’m not sure how much crossover there is between Lost fandom and Doctor Who fandom, but if you are interested, please check out (and give feedback) on The Long Con.  Yes, the name of the blog is slightly insinuating that Lost was a bit of a storytelling con job (which some people genuinely believe.  I think the writers just messed up somewhere along the way.), but I will try to be positive and celebrate the successes of the show, as well as critique it.

2 thoughts on “Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. I’ll certainly have to check it out. Meanwhile, did you notice a few of the numbers drawn in the mega-million lottery last night? 4-8-15 were part of the regular numbers drawn and 42 was drawn as the power-ball (or whatever they call it).

    Hurley would have won $150, as did everyone else who usually play those numbers.

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