A Word on The Upcoming Year

I have grand ideas, but I can never leave them alone. I must tweak them.  When I began this blog, it had two functions:  to propell me to write regularly and to review every episode of Doctor Who.  To accomplish this, I had to find a good supply of Doctor Who.  Thankfully, I have a few DVDs, books, and CDs, but when I decided to watch the show in broadcast order, I had to admit that my collection has quite a few gaps.  Since I wish to pursue this goal legally, this means that any episodes I watch which I do not own must be purchased or checked out of the library.  This is a long way of saying that when I reach a gap, I may have to wait until I get access to the next episode.  But I wish to keep updating six days a week.

I have some plans to remedy this.  First, I still have books and CDs.  I have already done a few “intermissions”, and will continue to do so.  I had originally intended these intermissions to be related to a recently-reviewed episode, but this idea may soon be scrapped.  I’ll try, however, to stay in the same era when possible.  Second, I see Doctor Who as belonging to the same tradition as comic books and old time radio.  All three deal with larger-than-life heroes, all three deal are told in serials.  I may draw more parallels in a future post.  As such, I have decided to extend my content mandate to The Edwardian Adventurer (The Doctor) and Other Mystery Men, Mystery Men being the old name for vigilante crime fighters or superheroes.  This will allow me to cover other entertainment media that interests me while still maintain my desired update rate.  It may also enable us to see the parallels in this type of story-telling and how it has evolved over the decades.  Storytelling methods fascinate me.

I still have a lot of Doctor Who between now and when I run out of episodes (I think I have things through The Crusade).  If I get The Space Museaum/The Chase for Christmas, I’ll have even more material.  But, when that runs out, we will enter new and uncertain territory.  It will be an adventure!

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