044 – Dangerous Journey (Planet of Giants Part 2)

The Doctor and companions make their way through the DN6 lab while Forester attempts to dispose of the inspector’s body.

The lesson to be learned here, kids, is to not touch other people's food. It will kill you.

“We can‘t expect sympathy and understanding from an insane mind.”

The cat loses interest because, apparently like the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, if you don’t move, the cat won’t see you.  Try it with your own cat at home.

Forester meets with the scientist (Smithers) who has been working on DN6.  He is actually unphased by the murder.  Smithers actually feels that it may have been somewhat beneficial, even though it will put the project in danger.  It is rather interesting that Smithers is ruthless in his own way.  Forester wants the project to move forward because he will make a lot of money.  Smithers wants the project to succeed because he has seen many people die of starvation.  He is driven to prevent this.  However, since he wishes to prevent this at all costs, even at the expense of the Earth’s ecology, he is a villain.  The irony is that DN6 will likely make starvation worse because bugs and worms that help fertilize and promote plant growth will be killed by it.

Ian and Barbara end up in Smithers’ lab because they hid in the inspector’s briefcase when the two men appeared.  So, once more, our characters are separated.  The Doctor and Susan decide to go up a drain pipe to get into the lab.  Unfortunately, Barbara manages to get infected by DN6 when she picks up some wheat grains that have been coated with the pesticide.  Ian doesn’t help matters much when he goes on and on about how the wheat must be infected and to stay away from it because it is obviously infected, ignorant that picking up a grain was the first thing Barbara did.  It reminds me of a mother and child I saw in the bookstore where I work.  The child kept touching things, until it pulled a book down on his head.  The mother reprimanded him, saying, “Just because you see it doesn’t mean you have to touch it.”  Barbara’s mother obviously wasn’t as helpful, and now she will die from a pesticide because she has shrunk down to the size of an insect.  Lesson learned.

The interest I had in the previous episode has waned a bit in this one.  We get a few more bits of the DN6 plot, but much of the story revolves around our characters attempting to maneuver about everyday objects which are now large.  Although, there was a scene with a giant fly, which I presume was mechanical.  It was quite well realized.  The characters are reunited at the lab sink, which is unfortunate because Smithers has been cleaning up the blood on the flagstones outside and now he and Forester need to wash their hands.  I think you can guess what this episode’s cliffhanger is.

One detail about this story that I think is interesting is how the human voices are portrayed from the perspective of our main characters.  Imagine a record played back at a much slower speed.  This is what you have in the background when the normal-sized humans talk.  It is a nice detail.  Sadly, the pace of this episode is about as slow.  Hopefully it will pick up in the next episode, but even if it doesn’t it will still be the last episode.


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