023 – The Screaming Jungle (The Keys of Marinus Part 3)

Ian, Barbara, and Susan continue to search for The Keys of Marinus without The Doctor.  They are joined by Altos and Arbitan’s daughter Sabetha.  They arrive in a jungle of fierce plants.

I certainly hope the guy who is lowering this backstage doesn't get tired.

“Now stop it, Susan.  Stop it!”

The Keys of Marinus was obviously ahead of its time.  Long before George Lucas had the idea to make a movie so he could sell a pod racing game, Terry Nation wrote a story that would translate excellently to a video game.  You play the part of Ian Chesterton, a time and space traveler in a side-scrolling adventure: The Keys of Marinus. Each level is a new location, from the acid beach with a pyramid to explore, to a grant palace that keeps morphing into a rundown warehouse.  This week’s level is a jungle with killer plants and stone ruins full of traps.  Ian must collect all the keys to access the final boss Yartek the Voord.  The only flaw in Terry Nation’s plan is that video games hadn’t been invented yet.

The Screaming Jungle is a fairly straight-forward adventure.  Not much depth here.  This is a shame, really, as the previous episode had a few good ideas, but was let down by motivation of the villains.  This episode had killer plants.  Perhaps the episodic approach is already wearing thin.

Next episode: The Snow Level


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