008 -The Ambush

In which there is an ambush.

We call this piece 'Four Mimes in a Box'

“You must throw off these suspicions.  They are based on fear, and fear breeds hatred and war.”

Temmosus channels Yoda in this episode, albeit seventeen years or so before Yoda makes his first appearance.  Shortly after this speech, Temmosus is slaughtered by The Daleks, his corpse falling into the food that was used to lure The Thals into the city.  These Daleks seem to be a bit of an untrustworthy group.

Our primary cast manages to escape, but not without a few obstacles, not least of which is the dutiful elevator guard who attempts to verify “the prisoner transfer“.  Conferring with The Dalek Counsel makes it apparent that the prisoners are attempting to escape, and The Daleks magnetize the city.  Having a metal city is quite useful, it would seem.  Ian abandons the Dalek casing, and splits from the main group to try to warn The Thals about the ambush, but as mentioned above, this is unsuccessful.  Thankfully, only two Thals are killed, the noble Temmosus among them.  Congratulations, Alydon, you are now leader of The Thals.  Ian and Barbara attempt to convince The Thals that they may need to fight The Daleks at some point, but many of The Thals insist that violence is not their way, which is quite the switch since The Thals were once a warrior race.  Ian and Barbara discuss pacifism, but to little really effect.  Terry Nation may have tried to be profound in this exchange, but nothing much of importance was said.  Thanks for trying, though.

The Doctor becomes fascinated with Thal history and discovers some astronomical charts which he believes could help him pinpoint their location.  He soon insists that it is time to leave.  The antagonism between The Thals and The Daleks is of no real concern to The Doctor, Ian, Susan, and Barbara, and as much as the latter three would like to know the outcome of this civilization, Ian and Barbara agree that it is probably time to leave.  The Daleks cannot leave the city, so they cannot chase The Thals, and The Thals can either try to communicate with The Daleks again, or return to other parts of the planet.  Sure, they need food, which is why they left the plateau to begin with, but ultimately it is up to these two species to work out their differences, right?  Our heroes should leave, right?  There is a problem, however.  It seems that The Daleks took the fluid link that Ian had taken from The Doctor.  Looks like the conflict between The Daleks and The Thals is our heroes’ problem after all.

William Hartnell is pissed!



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