Adventures in Time . . . AND Space!

Billy!In which I explain myself and why I’m bothering.

By way of introduction, I have gotten out of the habit of writing due to life getting in the way.  Yes, sadly, through the process of moving, changes at work, and health issues with my parents, I have found a severe upset in my schedule, and as I adjust to this new season of life, quite possibly the busiest I have yet to experience, the time I was once afforded to write is much more difficult to come by.  In forcing myself to re-examine things and demands, I am questioning if this is a positive change, but I must somehow make it work.  Life is incredibly irritating at times, especially when the demands of a so-called “normal” life come in to conflict with one’s standards for an ideal life.  I sat down with my wife a week ago and we wrote out a list of my wants and there are a few things that conflict with reality, some in minor ways, others in major ways.  I have yet to determine what to do about this.  However, here is one solution.

One goal I have set for myself is to watch every episode of Doctor Who in order.  And since I also need to write I will do my best to chronicle this journey.  The stress of my current season of life has made thinking and concentrating on new ideas difficult, so I hope that chronicling this journey will provide both motivation and flexing of the muscle of discipline.  Writing about Doctor Who will be like the writing exercises and journaling that I once did in my creative writing classes, only instead of imaging myself as an animal or writing about my most memorable vacation, I will write my thoughts about The Doctor and his journeys.  At this point I make no claim I will get through the entire series.  If other writing projects begin to demand more time, then I will probably abandon this project.  However, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

In reviewing the episodes, I want to focus primarily on the storytelling.  Thus, I will not be dealing with production issues or any other behind-the-scenes occurrences unless it is absolutely necessary. (For example, lost stories.  More on that soon enough.)  Since I have been a fan of Doctor Who for quite a while, it will be impossible for me to approach it with a completely fresh set of eyes, but I can set aside as much preconceived notions as possible.  And as I haven’t seen the show in order, seeing episodes in there story context will be a new and refreshing experience.

So, if you are up for it, we will be starting with the next blog at the beginning with “An Unearthly Child.”


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